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Inert Soil importation

The plan pictured illustrates an example of how soil importation can be used to improve golf course. In this particular example there is a poor layout between the driving range which at only 200-yards is too short, and the 1st hole that doglegs at almost right angles around the range. With the aid of soil importation, which not only helps fund the new layout but also allows the creation of moundwork, a new 250-yard range and 1st hole can be relocated to create a much more satisfactory layout. Additionally, the flow from the clubhouse, past the range and too the 1st hole is perfect and space is created for a chipping/bunker green and new Pro-shop linked to the range building. In summary, from an unsatisfactory flow and unsafe layout to what will soon be the perfect scenario. Funding also come available for renovations elsewhere on the golf course.

Similar situations like the case scenario above exist on hundreds of golf courses through-out the UK, where with just a little thought and expertise, landfill can be made excellent use of in a sympathetic manner, to improve the long-term sustainability of the Club.

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New 18 Hole Golf Courses

From the very first meeting to the opening tee shot, Westenborg Golf project manages the entire golf course design and construction process.

We work independently but have formed close relationships with all the necessary consultants world-wide that make up the team required to ensure a top quality and therefore successful golf facility.

Course audit & development plans

A golf courses never stop evolving, growing and improving, whether they are well established facilities or relatively new. Westenborg Golf prepares development masterplans/audit reports that describe and illustrate in detail measures that will improve upon the visual and strategic elements of the golf course. 

We have carried out over 50 such plans and more often than not, we find that if the recommendations are carried out, existing members are retained, new members generated, maintenance regimes are eased and the overall long-term sustainability of the golf course ensured.

Renovation / restoration / remodelling

The implementation of recommendations outlined in our development masterplans can be an equally complex and evolved process to that of designing new golf courses. Depending upon the size or complexity of renovation, not only are the various golf consultants and constructors required with new-builds still needed, but we must also work closely with the golf clubs committee/board as well as the maintenance crew.

It does not matter whether it is the construction of a single bunker or the renovation of all 18-greens, it is always a team effort. 

Practice facilities/Par 3 courses/Pitch & Putt

A top-quality practice facility adds great value to golf courses and the future of the game. These can take the form of a driving range, putting, chipping and bunker greens, a pitching range and a Par 3 or pitch & putt golf course. Ideally a golf club should have all these features but more often than not, space is not available. However, although on occasion it may require some adjustments to the existing layout, it can be surprising how many of these features can be accommodated.

Westenborg Golf Design can help the golf club achieve these aims.

Golf Club relocations

Dun Laoghaire GC in Ireland, designed by Marc Westenborg, was a relocation project. The existing golf course relocated to a more spacious site close by, and the existing site developed into real estate. Westenborg Golf is also involved with a similar project in the UK and this “relocation of inner city golf club's" concept, is becoming more common as the need for housing grows and external boundary pressures around golf courses increase.

We guide the client through this process, including feasibility studies of the new land and introductions to developers.


Inert soil importation

Recently, Westenborg Golf have been involved with soil importation projects. If carried out correctly, soil importation provides unique opportunities for golf club's to improve their course and practice facilities, while at the same time generating significant income. The whole process is complicated and is a team effort between the golf course architect, client, planning and environmental consultants, as well a soil importation contractor.

Westenborg Golf will project manage the whole process.

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